Member Highlight



Meet Carmella, an active member of the YMCA of Lansing, Westside Branch. If you need some inspiration, take a moment to read about Carmella’s journey to fitness after a devastating accident. Carmella is proof that the YMCA changes lives!

“My name is Carmella Grescowle-Fosket and I am a below the knee amputee due to a motorcycle accident. Obviously, my leg has a whole set of issues, but I also fractured two ribs and broke one, all of which were very close to my spine. My left clavicle also broke in half and healed improperly. These injuries alone cause chronic back pain, and sometimes will result in my sciatic nerve becoming pinched, causing shooting pain down my left leg, arm, hand, neck and around my left eye, resulting in a migraine. I have had multiple surgeries, received many therapies, medications and pain injections. But, with the help of therapeutic massages and mostly my trainer Kathy Pahl, I have learned how to properly exercise and strengthen areas of my body that have helped more than any medication or injection. Maintaining an appropriate exercise regimen and using the proper equipment has taken 90% of my pain away. If it weren’t for exercise, I would probably still be in a wheelchair in chronic pain. So thank you, Kathy and the YMCA for helping maintain the fitness that my body needs and craves. You are literally putting me back on my feet again! No excuses! Never give up!”