At the Y, we focus on your overall wellness by empowering you to make healthy decisions and providing support to reach your goals. Our fitness programs build more than muscle – they strengthen communities by creating opportunities within your own neighborhood.


Fitness Center

Each of our 5 Lansing area branches includes a fitness center and programs for nearly all ages. From day one, we can help you create healthy habits, starting with our fitness assessment, Jump Start. Jump Start is a consultation that is available to all YMCA of Lansing members at no extra charge! It’s the perfect way to elevate your fitness regimen—whether it’s your first time in a gym or you’re a regular. Meet with a wellness coach and start building a plan in which your exercise history, goals, wellness interests and medical issues are all considered. This is not only an opportunity to learn about machines, it’s a chance to map out your wellness plan while learning more about what resources you have at your fingertips.


Group Exercise Classes

Become stronger in more ways than one. Our group classes are an excellent opportunity to get to know your neighbors and add variety to your exercise regimen. Choose from classes focused on strengthening, toning, stretching and more! Instructors offer modifications to accommodate all fitness levels – we encourage you to work at your own pace, and most of all, to have fun!


Personal Training

Our personal trainers work with you to develop and implement a smart exercise program that will help you reach your goals. Each session is about learning correct form and finding out what you are capable of. After each session, you’ll go home with new knowledge and a new sense of accomplishment!


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Oak Park Triathlon Team

Oak Park is home to the premier triathlon team in the Lansing area. The team is an inclusive community dedicated to the preparation of local triathletes of all ages and ability, instilling confidence and skill focusing on positivity, encouragement, fun and healthy competition.
Fall sessions consist of swim training classes open to all swimmers who want to improve their stroke mechanics and yardage. Winter/spring sessions are the more structured and inclusive training months. Each participant is placed in the class that best suits their fitness level and experience.


Oak Park Junior Triathlon Team

The Junior Triathlon Training class is structured for children ages 8-17, who can swim 50 yards continuously. The class will consist of swimming, biking (when weather permits) and running/cardio. This class meets on Saturday mornings beginning in January and trains for the Hawk Island Triathlon, which usually takes place in early June.


For more information about the Oak Park Triathlon Teams, contact:
Tasha Mills, Aquatic Director


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